What the cosmetic makeup brush is and how to use it


As the name suggests,cosmetic makeup brush is a brush mainly used as makeup tool for cosmetic beauty ,What the cosmetic makeup brush is and how to use it Articles we shall firstly make sure where it is mainly used before figuring out what exactly cosmetic makeup brush is.

Face cosmetic brush:Powder paint brush,blush brush ,shadow brush, foundation brush, Biying brush,high light brush, shadow brush,Fan-shaped brush

Eye cosmetic brush: shadow brush (different sizes) SUMI brush, concealer brush,eyeliner brush (aqueous flat eyeliner brush, water-soluble eyeliner brush),Eyeshadow,eyebrow brush,mascara brush,eyebrow combLip: Lip Brush

Then what are the cosmetic makeup brush features:

Loose paint – hold & makeup

Blush brush – sweep blush

Foundation cosmetic makeup brush – fine wool fiber with liquid foundation http://swiatkosmetykow.com/ Sponge picks up directly to brush on the face

Eye shadow brush – sweep with the use of makeup brushes with different size for three-dimensional eye makeup

Fan Brush – sweep the eye remaining powder or face remaining powder

Covering Brush- with the use of concealer/ can also be used as a small eye shadow brush

Eyebrow brush – can be used with single-dual color eyebrow

Eyeliner Brush – Eyeliner with water-soluble

Fine Eyeliner Brush – use with eyeliner cake and water-soluble liner

Lid lip brush – a lip brush with lipstick or lip gloss is convenient and hygienic

Mascara brush – for finishing the eyebrows and eyelashes finishing

Dual-use eyebrow comb – for finishing the eyebrows and eyelashes finishing

Last,what is the cosmetic makeup brush made of?

Mink: moderate hardness, good elasticity, suitable for eye shadow brush.

Horse hair: moderate hardness but not as good as mink elastic, used as eye shadow brush.

Wool: soft, durable, multi-scattered paint, eye shadow brush.

Squirrel hair: soft, expensive, generally used only as shadow brush.

Rayon: suitable for covering liquid and cream foundation.

Nylon: The texture is most hard, used as mascara brush, eyebrow brush.

Why to use it

Makeup brush can improve your makeup skills. Different brushes is specifically customized for different parts of the face of the body. Large soft brush is able to easily make color pretty uniform thin; slim and compact makeup brushes enables powder coating more finer.

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